Concierge (CGE)

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Decentralized Travel Booking Marketplace


Current online platforms have such power over vendors they issue an average of 30% fee on each booking (In some cases we have seen up to 50% fees). Due to the dominance of the key players, it’s hard for vendors from small to large groups to go elsewhere, until now. provides a user-friendly booking and exchange platform utilizing the NEO blockchain. The platform will be beneficial for vendors, offering them considerable lower costs to use the platform. Thus, allowing vendors to set a lower price for consumers but retain a higher profit they are entitled to. The platform will provide a transparent, safe and non-influential environment for consumer something which we haven’t yet seen within the industry. will be developed as a decentralized application and web-platform that allows us to move away from the common treats which are presented within the industry at the current moment. aims to be the most transparent, secure and safe system for booking and purchase of all aspect of the travel and tourism sector.

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February 14, 2018