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How the cryptocurrency works

December 23, 2020 | Cryptocurrencies | No Comments

Bitcoins are exciting: Digital money mined on the internet.  The term bitcoins is made up of the word for the smallest digital unit, the bit, and the English word for coin. A certain Satoshi Nakamoto is responsible as the inventor although it has not yet been clarified which head is behind it. Or maybe it’s a whole group.

Bitcoins, or BTC for short, are neither coins nor bills, they only exist virtually, as a digital string. There is no real value behind them even if they are frequently compared to gold. New bitcoins are generated by the users themselves with mathematical processes. The credits and payments are managed in a decentralized network, the blockchain. In order to book a transfer with Bitcoins, a complicated arithmetic problem has to be solved. If you are the first to do this, you will receive Bitcoins as a reward. On the other hand, get a personal loan at if you need cash to finance something.

Bitcoins – you should know that

Cryptocurrencies. Decentralized, real cryptocurrencies that are traded and mined using blockchain technology are not dubious in itself. Speculating on Bitcoin and Co is like going to the casino. Only wager money that you don’t need. You can lose everything.

Initial Coin Offering. Buying tokens and other “vouchers” that companies use to raise capital is far too fraud-prone and risky.

The dark side of bitcoins

Bitcoins used to be the currency for dealers who used it to deal with weapons and drugs on the Darknet. The darknet is, literally translated, the internet’s dark side in which users can surf largely in secret. In addition, Bitcoin hit the headlines with regards to ransom demands.

Financial products with bitcoins

Not only private investors are interested in Bitcoin, the financial industry does not want to miss the hype either. Investing hedge funds, US futures exchanges have introduced futures on the Internet currency with which speculators can bet on rising and falling prices.

Caution, danger of falling

Anyone who buys Bitcoin directly or indirectly speculates on price gains with certificates, for example, should only use money that they do not need. A total loss is possible, prices fluctuate sharply and quickly.


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